A simple act of kindness.

It seems like people don't really help others out very often anymore. It's quite sad actually. So many people are so wrapped up in their own worlds and seem almost scared to help someone nearby. We saw this very thing happen this weekend.

We stopped at a local mall to pick up a few things and on our way to our car we saw a woman frantically trying to catch her small dog. The dog was running free in the parking lot and up to random people walking by. He was a small black and white dog that was probably about 15 pounds at most. He seemed to be having fun playing a little game of cat and mouse with his very scared owner. The parking lot was quite busy and with the dog being so small he could have easily been run over. As we walked down the aisle six different people passed the woman and her dog and either ignored her or held up their hands as if there was nothing they could do.

When we had come up on the woman the dog decided to trot further down the aisle for a nearby grassy patch as his owner repeatedly called his name. As he ran further away the woman turned back to her car to grab some french fries hoping to draw his attention. In the mean time my wonderful hubby followed the little dog around the bend into the next aisle of the parking lot. As the owner and I turned the corner there was Nick crouching near a grassy patch with the little dog sitting in between his legs enjoying some attention. The poor woman was so relieved and quickly snapped a leash onto his harness. She was still shaking a bit as she thanked us. She was obviously very grateful and happy that her little dog was once again safe. Why didn’t anyone else try to help before we even showed up?

Turns out she recently adopted the dog only a few weeks ago and he came from an abusive home. He was actually beaten and isn't always the most trusting of people. He jumped out of her car while she loaded some bags and decided the parking lot was as good as any place to play. Somehow though, my hubby was able to gain his trust very quickly. I don't know if the little dog just liked something about him or if it was the smell of the fudge we had just bought that was inside a bag Nick was carrying. Either way the little dog was safe because my sweet man decided to make sure that was the outcome. Because of him the whole thing only lasted about 5 minutes and that woman, her son and their excited dog were able to go home as a happy little family.

I've always known I have a keeper but this just proved how sweet of a man my Nick really is.