Hey Cupcake!

I was a little Miss Baker today! I actually love baking. It's always fun to create something whether its nail designs or cute little cupcakes. Because I love it so much I'm the one my family asks to make all the goodies. My Aunt Claire is having a party at work tomorrow before they go on a week vacation so they're doing a Fourth of July theme. So she asked me to make her American flag cupcakes. She suffers from Celiac disease so the recipe has to be gluten free to accommodate her allergy. The great thing is Betty Crocker makes a whole line of gluten free baking mixes including a chocolate cake mix which I used here to make the cupcakes.

Then for the frosting I used Duncan Hines creamy home-style vanilla dyed with icing gel dye for the red, blue and yellow. The red was the hardest to make and took a tube and 1/2 to get this color. The blue and yellow were quick and simple. I'm happy with how they came out. Quite festive and patriotic!

She's bringing a total of 12 cupcakes to the party but now wishes we grabbed two boxes. It will work out though since she's not the only one bringing food so I'm sure there will be plenty to go around. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them and the gluten free recipe doesn't hurt the taste or texture. The batter tasted pretty good though and its by a major brand so I'm pretty confident they'll be great!

Two weeks ago I had even more fun with cupcakes and decided to make character ones. My hubby loved Cookie Monster when he was a kid and was even nicknamed that because of his love for cookies. I saw a picture online that someone did and decided to give a shot. I used frosting instead of dyed coconut like the instructions I saw since we're not big coconut fans. Here's a picture of the end result!

How cute is that?! "C is for cookie and cookie is for me!" I used a Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix with Duncan Hines creamy home-style vanilla frosting. I dyed the frosting blue (similar to above but lighter) and used a star piping bag tip to make the fur. A small chocolate chip cookie is placed into a slit in the side of the cupcake (right above the paper) to appear as though it's being eaten. Then I used a drop of frosting to attach brown M&M's to white chocolate melting chips to make the eyes. I'm so in love with these! They didn't last long either even though they were almost too cute to eat. Almost!

Next post will be back to nails! I'm planning my Fourth of July designs and I'm getting so excited to do it!