About Me:
I'm Brynn. I'm in my early 20s and I live in Rhode Island. I work at home on a business my hubby, Nick and I run together. We're a happily and completely crazy married couple that is child free (for now) living in our own home that seems to be ever changing. My Aunt Claire recently moved in with us after an unfortunate accident that caused her to lose her home. She'll be with us for a while so there are three adults trying to merge our lives together in one house which sometimes leads to some interesting situations. I'm sure stories of it will wind up here once in a while.

I'm a budding nail addict and lovingly refer to it as my obsession/hobby. I'm always looking for some type of creative outlet and love the endless possibilities with nail art. I also love writing in almost any form and have been doing it since I was twelve. Because of that I can't resist blogging and the idea of sharing with other similar people. I'm also sometimes quite sarcastic so I can pretty much guarantee that will weave its way into some posts as well.

About the Blog:
Life can be pretty fun but it can sometimes be a little boring too. It can also be completely insane. Either way it's a little better with some fantastic polish!

That's a lesson I've learned over the last year and it has quickly become a semi-obsession. I've just started diving into nail designs and have completely fallen in love. So in love in fact, I show and talk about nails, polishes and design ideas to just about anyone that will listen. Since not everyone can love this as much as nail addicts like me do I decided to blog it out instead. Here it will have a place where I can share the successes and the inevitable fails

As this blog grows I hope to be able to post reviews, swatches, tutorials (eventually), and everything else nail related. Plus plenty of posts about life will make its way in there too.

Like the title says, this is a just my Painted World. =)