MASH me baby!

My MASH stamping plates have arrived! I'm so excited for them to finally be here. The shipping time wasn't bad at all but the tracking number never worked. For some reason USPS kept rejecting it even though it was clearly one of their tracking numbers. Oh well, I'm just thrilled it's here and it ended up being a little bit of a surprise in my mail box. I took pictures as I opened the package to share.

The packaging was pretty good. It showed up in a bubble mailer with the plates inside a small plastic bag.

Then each plate is individually packaged in its own little baggy. It works pretty well since it keeps the plates from damaging each other and it's easy to sort through them before actually opening the packages. Plus there's a blue plastic film over each plate for further protection.

I purchase this set on Amazon as a set of 25 different image plates for $16.99 plus $3.99 for standard shipping. The original price is listed as $24.99 but they seem to always be discounted at some level. They do go in and out of stock a lot so if you see them listed as unavailable keep checking back. They're quite popular so I'm sure they won't be going anywhere but they do sell out sometimes. You can see the full listing with over 30 reviews here.

Unfortunately, I can't do anything with them since my stamp and scraper haven't shown up yet. I ordered them at the same time but they were shipped by different sellers one day apart. The tracking actually worked for them and it says it's out for delivery but it never showed up. The mailman came hours ago and delivered three other packages with no issues but not my Konad stamp and scraper. So annoying! I tried calling the post office and was redirected to a different branch which just put me into a never ending loop of ringing and a message that all attendants were busy. Then they closed at . So I'm hoping it will show up with tomorrow’s mail. If it doesn't I'll be at the actual post office demanding some type of real answer!

UPDATE: 6-8-11 --- My stamp and scraper finally showed up! Last night the tracking worried me because it changed from "out for delivery" (which it had been saying all day yesterday) to "location unknown." I was thinking I would end up in a battle with the post office just to get a tiny little package! But thankfully it showed up in my mail box today and all is well. If only I had time today to stamp!