Beauty and the Beast come to life!

Am I the only one that still has a favorite Disney movie from childhood? I loved pretty much all the movies that came out while I was growing up but Beauty and the Beast was always my absolute favorite! I actually have the movie on DVD and still turn to watch it once in a while. It's just a sweet movie that I can't help but love.

So as a little surprise, Nick bought tickets to see the Broadway show of Beauty and the Beast and we went last night. It was actually pretty fantastic and we watched the show from only 3 rows away from the stage. There were a more adults there than children and everyone there was engaged in the show from the moment the overture started. The actors did a fantastic job and really brought the classic story to life. The woman that played Belle was wonderful and a surprising favorite was Gaston. He's supposed to be the character we hate but the guy that played his role just filled the stage. Of course he still had to have his over confident and blatant cocky ways but he became a crowd favorite pretty quickly. He had one of the loudest cheers at the end behind Belle and Beast. Lumiere was also a big hit and the guy that played him truly seemed to have fun with the role.

My favorites were the dance numbers, specifically the "Be Our Guest" song. From Lumeire to the enchanted dinnerware the entire song was fantastic. It ended with ribbons shooting over the audience. The other great dance number was a scene inside the bar with Gaston, his little sidekick and the local town people. It was a big hit with the whole crowd.

I always leave a live performance at a theater feeling fantastic. It's always so great to watch actors show their talent and really bring either a real or fictional character to life before your eyes. It was a fantastic night out that also included an awesome dinner at a restaurant that was near the theater. Such a great night out with my hubby!