Oh what a world! I had severe breakage on two nails today and it's just horrible. I was helping my Aunt Claire put an air conditioner in her bedroom window when it happened. She let go to grab the plug but I had no idea that was what she was going to do at that exact moment. So I had to quickly grab it to keep it from falling out of the window and snap snap. Just like that my index and middle finger on my right hand became stubby little pathetic things and had torn my newspaper mani to hell. It was truly a sad moment. Especially since my nails still looked perfect after 6 days! Such a sad way for it to go.

So now my nails are short and I'm not happy about it. At all. I'm deciding on what color I should paint them to kind of distract me from the damage. Hopefully they will grow out quickly so I can get back to trying some fun designs. Especially since I'm only days away from my new nail stamping kit being delivered! I'm so looking forward to it. Plus I did an exchange with a woman on the Zoya discussion board and have a wonderful bottle Breezi on its way to me as I write. I cannot wait to test her out!