Addiction in the making.

My name is Brynn and I am a nail polish addict. There, I said it. They say the first step is admitting it so I figured I could just get that out of the way. Now we can get on to the fun!

I've always loved painted nails and for several years I religiously visited a nail salon for full acrylics. Like many teens I thought they were awesome and absolutely loved them. Then when I stopped I couldn't believe the damage they left behind! I never expected my nails to be so weak and brittle with an obvious line across each nail from where the last fake nail had been which seemed to take forever to grow out. They were horrible. But instead of treating the issues to bring them back I just let them do what they wanted. I also picked right back where I left off in my horrible nail biting habit which only made things worse. Before I knew it several years had passed and there hadn't really been much improvement.

Fast forward to middle of last year and I randomly decided I wanted to buy some nail polish. I didn't have a single bottle in my house and hadn't in years. My first manicure at home was pretty messy on stubby weak nails. Even still I realized how much I had missed it. I loved how much better my hands looked with some polish and I felt good. So that led to more bottles and learn on the job nail care. Well it worked and I'm happy to say that today they are healthy, strong and grow quite quickly.

Only a week ago did I try my first design which was a simple scotch tape single stripe mani for Memorial Day. I was simple and not much of a risk but it seemed to open a floodgate since all it did was make me want to do more. So I started checking out different tutorials online and came across a picture of newspaper mani. I instantly fell in love and new I had to try it. I hunted down a newspaper and some rubbing alcohol and went to work. A little while later I had newsprint nails and realized I had found a new love. Here's the picture.

I think the color actually was perfect for this technique. It's Zoya Dove which is a color I didn't love at first but after doing this it has now found a permanent home in my collection. My Hubby was very confused when he first saw what I was doing but ended up really liking the outcome. Some family members on the other hand have declared it weird and told me I had too much time on my hands. Oh well, you can't please everyone. I've been wearing it for four days now and I've gotten tons of compliments on it. The woman at my bank loved it and even asked for information on how to do the same thing.

There was no turning back now, I wanted to learn more designs, learn new techniques and see what else I could do. So why the blog? I could certainly do all of that without starting one but as soon as I completed the new manicures I wanted to show everyone I knew. I talk about everything nails all the time but I'm saying it to people that aren't really as into as I am. So instead of driving my friends and family crazy talking about nail polish and nail art all the time I decided I might as well make a blog and other nail addicts and I could share in our addiction together.

I know there are plenty of nail blogs out there and I won't pretend to be an instant expert about nail art. I'm actually far from it. I'm still learning but I decided I might as well share the journey and have some fun along the way. I've always loved writing and I love blogging. So it's a great marriage between an old love and a new one. I know we will have some fun!


Anonymous | August 2, 2011 at 4:24 PM

Hi Brynn, great blog! I'm a new polish addict and plan on starting a blog too.

Brynn @ A Painted World | August 2, 2011 at 6:18 PM

Awesome! I would love to see it. Send me an email when you start it and I'll check it out!