Zoya Dove with Caitlin stamping!

Today I have another stamped design to share that I created with two of my Zoya colors. I know I said my next stamping manicure would be a tutorial but I did this at about this morning and was so tired that I completely forgot to document the entire process. I will do it though, I swear!

Anyway, this design was actually picked by my hubby after I didn't like the first image he picked. Overall it came out really well except for one nail. The weird part is I never even noticed the mistake until after I had cleaned up and put a layer of my top coat on. Talk about not paying attention! It's pretty noticeable in the pictures but less so in person so I've decided to just leave it, at least for now.

Above is Zoya Dove which I truly love more than I ever thought I would. I actually bought this color during a promotion Zoya offered that gave away Dove and Caitlin together with a purchase. I knew I wanted Caitlin from the moment I saw it online but assumed I wouldn't like Dove too much and was planning to swap it before it even arrived. Except to my surprise, I loved it! This is only my second time using it as a full mani and the first was with the newspaper design so I really need to find more excuses to use it. The formula is very smooth and the color is easily opaque in two coats. It's a great color for fall and pairs really well with Caitlin which I also used in this design. You can see another design I did with these two colors reversed from June.

For the above design I used MASH plate m60 with Caitlin to make the thin plaid image. This one was a bit trickier than others since the lines of the image are so thin they had a tendency to drag across the nail a little which might have been what caused the mistake I mentioned before. If you look at the base of my ring finger you can see a chunk of Dove is completely missing the design. I still can't believe I didn't notice while doing it. I guess I was even more tired than I thought.

Besides the little nail fail I really like how this looks. Caitlin and Dove work perfectly together and both are great for stamping. This mani is very fall-ish which I'm kind of not ready for so I might not wear it for too long. I still want to enjoy the bright colors of summer before giving into the upcoming change of seasons. Fall is my favorite though so I'll be enjoying all the fantastic seasonal colors coming out but I still want my bright summer fun for a bit longer!

I hope everyone had a good week and will have an even better weekend. We have a lot going on here that’s pretty stressful that I'll share later but it's nice to lose myself in a fun mani for a bit!