Never a dull moment.

I've mentioned here a few times that things have been pretty hectic around here for the last month but I haven't really shared anything. I've been waiting until there seemed to be a resolution to the mess and it took this long to get there. I'll start from the beginning.

The first week of August, Nick (the hubby) was in a car accident. Yeah, that kind of mess. He's fine and thankfully only had a minor injury to his leg which I'll get to in a bit. The real damage was to the car. Unfortunately it was totaled which is really sad for a car that was less than a year old. Sigh. To make a long story short, someone decided to be an idiot and cut of another car. That caused a domino effect of cars slamming on their brakes and into each other. My hubby actually managed to slow his car and not hit the person in front of him but another vehicle slammed into him which pushed his car into the one in front of his. In total, five cars were involved and the person that caused the entire thing was long gone.

Like I said, he is okay! He did end up with a small tear in his calf muscle from bracing for the impact which turned into a large colorful bruise and is now a hard lump in his leg. Considering what could have happened this is very minor and something we're very grateful for! The car did its job and took the full impact and even left him whiplash free. It's truly amazing the impact cars can take! The other drivers refused medical treatment at the scene so we can only assume they're all fine but you never know what pops up after the adrenaline wears off. Another good thing is this accident was completely not his fault so all the cost will actually go on the insurance of someone else. Who exactly that will be is another part of the mess with so many people involved.

He had a rental for a week and a half and initially we decided he could just use my car for a while since I work from home and don't really need it during the day. Except life was having too much fun and threw another wrench into the mix. Right before all this happened I decided I couldn't stand being at home all day everyday anymore so I started applying for new jobs in my previous line of work. Two weeks after his accident I was offered a new job. Something that would usually be very exciting was suddenly an 'oh crap' moment because it was just about the worst timing. We suddenly had a mad dash to decide what he would get for a second car and getting one quickly before my new job started. Phew!

The good news is he now has a brand new car he is very happy with and I had my car back just in time to start my new job. How's that for a month? We found it pretty stressful especially dealing with insurance companies and the company that owned his lease that he lost in the middle of it all. Actually, we're still dealing with them and it doesn't look like it will end soon. The insurance company was the easier of the two as they agreed right away to the pay off amount for his lease. The real problem is the company that owned the lease is taking their sweet time processing that pay off check.

So that's the way things have been going here lately. I am enjoying my new job though. It's taking me a bit to get used to the new schedule since my days had been pretty laid back for a while but it's nice having something to really do all day since our at home business really doesn't need me most of the time. We're also going away for a long weekend in early September which we need after all this! I'm hoping after the trip our life will settle back down and find a new rhythm that lets me get more manicures done!

But we have to get through Hurricane Irene first. Fingers crossed!