Zoya order arrival!

Oh how I love when packages are delivered. I practically stalked the FedEx tracking page for the past two days and when the truck pulled up in front of my house I actually said "yay!" out loud. I love that Zoya ships quickly even during a big promo because patience was not part of my vocabulary once I placed this order. Anyway, here we go with the unpacking!

Pure happiness in a box! I was a little surprised to find the Smoke & Mirrors collection plate and the Touch collection spoons since in my past promo orders those were always automatically removed once I put the code in. I'm definitely not complaining and it made me want some colors from Smoke & Mirrors I was otherwise not considering! Nimue and Neeka look so much better on me than I thought they would and now I want Petra for sure. Tao looks better on the plate than it did online to me too so that might find its way to my collection too. As for the touch collection, I'm not totally in love. Minka is horrible on me and makes me look like I'm going for a zombie look. Shay and Pandora look fine on me with Shay being slightly better but I just can't picture myself actually using them.

I also ordered 6 spoons of colors I wasn't completely sure about. Two of them are actually from Smoke & Mirrors since I didn't think I would get the plate. Oh well! I labeled each spoon so you wouldn't have to try to read the tiny little type on each one.

Out of the 6 I fell in love with Dana and Robyn right away! I will be buying those two. It's a must! Codie is a bit too dark on me by itself but would be good in a design with other colors so I haven't completely decided on that one yet. I'm skipping Marina but ended up liking other colors from the collection. Apple I'm still on the fence about but Reece is an absolute no. The gold shimmer is horrible against my skin.

I'm excited to try the Remove+ for the first time. I had been thinking about ordering it since so many people rave about how awesome it is but never actually did. The promo was kind of a push to finally give it a try. So far the lack of horrible smell is pretty impressive and my Hubby commented on that right away. I love the bottle design too! I'll let you know what I think once I use it. Now, onto my newest additions!

From right to left are Gilda, Laney and Charla! I'm already in love with Charla just in the bottle and I can't wait to use her but after all the work I did for the water marble I'll wait a few days. It will be my first out of the three for sure though. I can already agree with the descriptions of Charla being like a mermaid in a bottle. It's just so gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing Gilda on the nail too. There weren't too many pictures of that one online but I loved how it sounded. As for Laney, I have a few nail designs in mind for that one!

After gushing over this order since it was delivered I really need to get back to getting work done but I just had to share my new pretties! If you ordered some new Zoya during this promo I hope yours arrives soon too so you can play. =)