One word. Teenagers.

I've become an old person in my early 20's simply because I hear my self make comments about not liking teenagers. It sounds funny since it hasn't been all that long since I was one. Before you think I'm attacking an entire age segment for no reason, I assure you I have one. It's called vandalism and it sucks.

Two days ago my Aunt Claire received a very unpleasant surprise. Someone decided to destroy one of the tires on her car. Awesome huh? They punctured a hole into one section and then added three other slashes throughout the rest of the tire. They literally spread out the hole and slashes so they were almost evenly spaced around the tire. They obviously wanted to make sure the tire had absolutely no chance and they succeeded. Her tire was as flat as can be. Thankfully they only attacked one but we think it was simply because a car was coming down the road and they fled. Oh and did I mention she had just put 4 brand new tires on the car at the end of May?

We have no idea why they did it. There are never issues in this neighborhood and even the police were surprised. We have absolutely no issues with anyone so it couldn't have been truly directed at her. Clearly some teenagers had way too much time on their hands when they should have been home since it was after . Makes me wonder if they were allowed to be out that late or if they snuck out to get into things. Who knows?

Unfortunately we have no idea who they were or where they live. All we know was there were two teenagers running from our yard but it was too dark to really see. The police also said there have been no other reports of other vandalism in the area so for some reason my Aunt's car was their one and only target. My only guess was they picked it because it was parked on the side of the road in front of our house and possibly decided was easier than going into someone's driveway especially since my hubby's car and mine were completely untouched. My other guess was they were bored and thought it would be funny. That tends to be the reasoning teens use for stupid decisions so that's what I'm going with.

So there's nothing we can really do and they probably think it's hilarious that they got away with it. The tire has been replaced so all is well with her car now. I'm a bit unnerved that there were two idiots hanging out in front of my house destroying property and got away with it. Hopefully our neighborhood can return to quiet and uneventful as it has been in the past.